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Re: [BFD][AARCH64]Disallow R_AARCH64_ABS32(LP64) & R_AARCH64_ABS16 in const section of shared object

[Binutils][Objdump]Check symbol section information while search a mapping symbol backward.

[committed, PATCH] x86: Check pseudo prefix without instruction

[gold commit ob] PR 22042: Fix help string for -fuse-ld

[gold commit] PR 21090: Disallow --incremental with -pie and force -no-pie for incremental tests

[gold commit] PR 21841: Workaround GCC 7 bug with debug line numbers

[gold commit] PR 22309: Fix incremental test failure with GCC 7+

[gold commit] PR 22540: Handle case where posix_fallocate is not supported for a filesystem

[GOLD, POWERPC] PR22602, handle __tls_get_addr forwarders properly

[PATCH 0/4] Support for 'info proc' on FreeBSD cores and native

[PATCH 0/4] x86: operand handling consolidation

[PATCH 1/2] gdb: Fix ia64 defining TRAP_HWBKPT before including gdb_wait.h

[PATCH 1/4] Create psuedo sections for FreeBSD NT_PROCSTAT_(PROC|FILES|VMMAP) notes.

[PATCH 1/4] x86: replace Reg8, Reg16, Reg32, and Reg64

[PATCH 2/2] gdb: Add missing #ifdef USE_THREAD_DB to gdbserver

[PATCH 2/4] Support 'info proc' for FreeBSD process core dumps.

[PATCH 2/4] x86: drop FloatReg and FloatAcc

[PATCH 3/4] Support 'info proc' for native FreeBSD processes.

[PATCH 3/4] x86: fold RegXMM/RegYMM/RegZMM into RegSIMD

[PATCH 4/4] Document support for 'info proc' on FreeBSD.

[PATCH 4/4] x86: fold certain AVX and AVX2 templates

[PATCH 5/4] x86: helper changes to i386-gen.c

[PATCH, GAS] Add new macro for Thumb-only opcodes

[PATCH, GAS] Enable conditional Armv8-M instructions

[PATCH, GAS] No IT usage deprecation for ARMv8-M

[PATCH, RISC-V] Add missing fsrmi and fsflagsi instructions.

Re: [PATCH] [GOLD] Add plugin API for processing plugin-added input files

Re: [PATCH] [PowerPC] Use consistent types for holding insns, etc.

Re: [PATCH] [PRU]: Fix disassembly text for instructions with reloc

[PATCH] _bfd_mips_elf_final_link: notify user about wrong .reginfo size

[patch] Add --strip-unneeded to objcopy synopsis

Re: [PATCH] Check return value of bfd_new_link_order

[PATCH] Fix for texinfo 4.8.

Re: [PATCH] Fix internal error on unterminated --start-lib option.

Re: [PATCH] Fix and when configured with --enabled-default-hash-style=gnu.

[PATCH] gas: xtensa: fix comparison of trampoline chain symbols

Re: [PATCH] gold: Don't rescan for undefined symbols in dynamic objects

[PATCH] MIPS: Add fix for loongson3 llsc errata

[PATCH] Objcopy interleave fails if section address not multiple of interleave.

[PATCH] Really fix riscv shared library __global_pointer$ problem.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Add compressed instruction hints, and a few misc cleanups.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Add missing privileged spec registers.

[PATCH] Riscv shared libraries should not export __global_pointer$.

[PATCH] S/390: Fix (some) PIE+undef weak failures

[PATCH] Update and clean up RISC-V gas documentation.

[PATCH] x86: correct abort check

[PATCH] x86: drop stray CheckRegSize uses

[PATCH][BINUTILs][GAS][AArch64] Add support for V_4B so we can properly reject it. [Patch (1/2)]

[PATCH][BINUTILs][GAS][AArch64] Correct disassembly of dot product instructions. [Patch (2/2)]

Re: [PATCH][GOLD] Fix PR20765 [2.27 Regression] gold internal error in fix_errata on aarch64-linux-gnu


Adding aix 64-bit check to bfd_get_sign_extend_vma

BFD whitespace fixes

Binutils 2.29.1 breaks libpcap on sparc32 by filling .got

binutils 2.29.1 segfaults when compiling cifs-utils with "-pie" on Gentoo Linux (sparc)

binutils 2.30 release schedule?

binutils nm testsuite tidy

Comment tidy

Commit: Fix reloc stripping on binaries with mergeable notes

Commit: PR 22587:

Commit: Update address of FSF in binutils files

Comparing binaries automatically

dyn_relocs tidy

Effect of the AT instruction

Enable shared lib tests for frv, lm32, m32r, microblaze, nds32 and or1k

Fix Common symbol override test fails

gas: Fatal error: no compiled in support for x86_64

Re: Issue with PowerPC code generation in binutils 2.29 gas and above

Re: New gold plugin interface for getting --wrap symbols

No update for bug-binutils archive since December 1

PR22552, readelf heap buffer overflow in load_debug_section

PR22626, invalid dynindx used for dynamic relocs against section syms

Re: readability improvements to i386-opc.tbl


Re: Reducing code size of Position Independent Executables (PIE) by shrinking the size of dynamic relocations section

Test binutils_assemble return value

TLS details on Linux for x86 and x64

weak alias test

x86: correct operand type checks

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