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[PATCH] x86: correct abort check

I'm rather certain the missing ! was just a typo, the more with the
similar check in mind that's in the same function a few hundred lines
down (in the body of "if (vex_reg != (unsigned int) ~0)"). Of course
this can't be demonstrated by a test case - internal data structure
consistency is being checked here, and neither form of the check
triggers with any current template.

It is also not really clear to me why operand_type_equal() is being used
in the {X,Y,Z}MM register check here, rather than just testing the
respective bits: Just like Reg32|Reg64 is legal in an operand template,
I don't see why e.g. RegXMM|RegYMM wouldn't be. For example it ought to
be possible to combine

vaddpd, 3, 0x6658, None, 1, CpuAVX, Modrm|Vex|VexOpcode=0|VexVVVV=1|VexW=1|IgnoreSize|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf, { Xmmword|Unspecified|BaseIndex|Disp8|Disp16|Disp32|Disp32S|RegXMM, RegXMM, RegXMM }
vaddpd, 3, 0x6658, None, 1, CpuAVX, Modrm|Vex=2|VexOpcode=0|VexVVVV=1|VexW=1|IgnoreSize|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf, { Ymmword|Unspecified|BaseIndex|Disp8|Disp16|Disp32|Disp32S|RegYMM, RegYMM, RegYMM }

into a single template (with setting of VEX.L suitably handled elsewhere
if that's not already happening anyway).

Additionally I don't understand why this uses abort() instead of

Both of these latter considerations then also apply to the
aforementioned other check in the same function.

2017-12-13  Jan Beulich  <>

	* config/tc-i386.c (build_modrm_byte): Add missing ! to reg64
	check leading to abort().

--- a/gas/config/tc-i386.c
+++ b/gas/config/tc-i386.c
@@ -6437,7 +6437,7 @@ build_modrm_byte (void)
 	  if ( == VEXXDS)
 	      /* For instructions with VexNDS, the register-only source
-		 operand must be 32/64bit integer, XMM, YMM or ZMM
+		 operand must be a 32/64bit integer, XMM, YMM, ZMM, or mask
 		 register.  It is encoded in VEX prefix.  We need to
 		 clear RegMem bit before calling operand_type_equal.  */
@@ -6459,7 +6459,7 @@ build_modrm_byte (void)
 	      op.bitfield.regmem = 0;
 	      if ((dest + 1) >= i.operands
 		  || (!op.bitfield.reg32
-		      && op.bitfield.reg64
+		      && !op.bitfield.reg64
 		      && !operand_type_equal (&op, &regxmm)
 		      && !operand_type_equal (&op, &regymm)
 		      && !operand_type_equal (&op, &regzmm)

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