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[PATCH][BINUTILs][GAS][AArch64] Correct disassembly of dot product instructions. [Patch (2/2)]

Hi All,

Dot products deviate from the normal disassembly rules for lane indexed
instruction. Their canonical representation is in the form of:

v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b[0] instead of v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.b[0] to try to denote
that these instructions select 4x 1 byte elements instead of a single 1 byte

Previously we were disassembling them following the normal rules, this patch
corrects the disassembly.

Regtested on:

 * aarch64-none-elf (cross)
 * aarch64_be-none-elf (cross)
 * aarch64-none-elf (native)
 * aarch64-none-elf (native on 32bit host)

and no issues.

Ok for master?


2017-12-07  Tamar Christina  <>

	PR gas/22559
	* config/tc-aarch64.c (vectype_to_qualifier): Support AARCH64_OPND_QLF_S_4B.
	* gas/testsuite/gas/aarch64/dotproduct.d: Update disassembly.

2017-12-07  Tamar Christina  <>

	PR gas/22559
	* aarch64.h (aarch64_opnd_qualifier): Add AARCH64_OPND_QLF_S_4B.

2017-12-07  Tamar Christina  <>

	PR gas/22559
	* aarch64-asm.c (aarch64_ins_reglane): Change AARCH64_OPND_QLF_S_B to
	* aarch64-dis.c (aarch64_ext_reglane): Change AARCH64_OPND_QLF_S_B to
	* aarch64-opc.c (aarch64_opnd_qualifiers): Add 4b variant.
	* aarch64-tbl.h (QL_V2DOT): Change S_B to S_4B.

diff --git a/gas/config/tc-aarch64.c b/gas/config/tc-aarch64.c
index 6b5179ee571403d3e4ce4bd8b220ccb77740b556..9e2cd505189715caada2ca721c14571c73e3f254 100644
--- a/gas/config/tc-aarch64.c
+++ b/gas/config/tc-aarch64.c
@@ -4929,8 +4929,14 @@ vectype_to_qualifier (const struct vector_type_el *vectype)
   gas_assert (vectype->type >= NT_b && vectype->type <= NT_q);
   if (vectype->defined & (NTA_HASINDEX | NTA_HASVARWIDTH))
-    /* Vector element register.  */
-    return AARCH64_OPND_QLF_S_B + vectype->type;
+    {
+      /* Special case S_4B.  */
+      if (vectype->type == NT_b && vectype->width == 4)
+	return AARCH64_OPND_QLF_S_4B;
+      /* Vector element register.  */
+      return AARCH64_OPND_QLF_S_B + vectype->type;
+    }
       /* Vector register.  */
diff --git a/gas/testsuite/gas/aarch64/dotproduct.d b/gas/testsuite/gas/aarch64/dotproduct.d
index 58669ff3476a10ac8289b5099d1910dbe1933d18..54ac62be634890f57d6c1d84d57db42629359ca9 100644
--- a/gas/testsuite/gas/aarch64/dotproduct.d
+++ b/gas/testsuite/gas/aarch64/dotproduct.d
@@ -114,435 +114,435 @@ Disassembly of section \.text:
 [^:]+:\s+4e8096d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.16b
 [^:]+:\s+4e8b96d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.16b
 [^:]+:\s+4e9696d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.16b
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e000 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be000 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e000 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e000 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe000 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e000 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e800 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be800 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e800 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e800 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe800 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e800 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e160 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be160 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e160 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e160 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe160 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e160 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e960 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be960 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e960 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e960 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe960 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e960 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e2c0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be2c0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e2c0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e2c0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe2c0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e2c0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80eac0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8beac0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96eac0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0eac0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabeac0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6eac0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e00b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be00b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e00b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e00b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe00b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e00b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e80b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be80b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e80b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e80b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe80b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e80b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e16b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be16b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e16b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e16b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe16b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e16b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e96b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be96b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e96b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e96b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe96b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e96b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e2cb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be2cb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e2cb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e2cb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe2cb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e2cb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80eacb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8beacb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96eacb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0eacb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabeacb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6eacb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e016 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be016 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e016 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e016 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe016 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e016 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e816 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be816 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e816 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e816 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe816 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e816 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e176 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be176 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e176 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e176 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe176 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e176 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e976 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be976 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e976 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e976 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe976 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e976 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80e2d6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8be2d6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96e2d6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0e2d6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabe2d6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6e2d6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f80ead6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f8bead6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2f96ead6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fa0ead6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fabead6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+2fb6ead6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e000 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be000 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e000 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e000 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe000 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e000 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e800 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be800 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e800 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e800 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe800 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e800 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e160 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be160 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e160 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e160 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe160 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e160 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e960 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be960 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e960 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e960 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe960 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e960 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e2c0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be2c0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e2c0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e2c0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe2c0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e2c0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80eac0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8beac0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96eac0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0eac0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabeac0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6eac0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e00b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be00b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e00b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e00b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe00b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e00b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e80b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be80b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e80b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e80b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe80b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e80b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e16b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be16b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e16b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e16b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe16b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e16b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e96b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be96b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e96b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e96b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe96b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e96b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e2cb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be2cb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e2cb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e2cb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe2cb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e2cb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80eacb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8beacb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96eacb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0eacb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabeacb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6eacb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e016 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be016 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e016 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e016 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe016 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e016 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e816 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be816 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e816 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e816 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe816 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e816 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e176 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be176 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e176 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e176 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe176 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e176 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e976 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be976 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e976 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e976 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe976 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e976 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80e2d6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8be2d6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96e2d6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0e2d6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabe2d6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6e2d6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f80ead6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f8bead6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0f96ead6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fa0ead6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fabead6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+0fb6ead6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e000 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be000 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e000 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e000 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe000 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e000 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e800 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be800 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e800 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e800 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe800 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e800 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e160 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be160 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e160 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e160 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe160 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e160 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e960 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be960 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e960 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e960 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe960 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e960 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e2c0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be2c0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e2c0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e2c0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe2c0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e2c0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80eac0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8beac0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96eac0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0eac0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabeac0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6eac0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e00b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be00b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e00b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e00b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe00b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e00b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e80b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be80b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e80b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e80b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe80b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e80b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e16b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be16b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e16b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e16b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe16b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e16b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e96b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be96b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e96b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e96b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe96b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e96b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e2cb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be2cb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e2cb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e2cb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe2cb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e2cb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80eacb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8beacb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96eacb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0eacb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabeacb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6eacb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e016 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be016 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e016 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e016 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe016 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e016 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e816 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be816 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e816 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e816 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe816 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e816 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e176 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be176 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e176 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e176 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe176 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e176 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e976 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be976 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e976 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e976 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe976 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e976 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80e2d6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8be2d6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96e2d6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0e2d6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabe2d6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6e2d6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f80ead6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f8bead6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6f96ead6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fa0ead6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fabead6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+6fb6ead6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e000 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be000 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e000 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e000 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe000 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e000 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e800 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be800 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e800 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e800 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe800 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e800 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e160 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be160 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e160 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e160 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe160 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e160 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e960 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be960 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e960 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e960 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe960 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e960 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e2c0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be2c0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e2c0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e2c0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe2c0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e2c0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80eac0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8beac0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96eac0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0eac0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabeac0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6eac0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e00b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be00b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e00b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e00b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe00b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e00b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e80b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be80b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e80b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e80b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe80b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e80b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e16b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be16b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e16b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e16b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe16b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e16b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e96b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be96b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e96b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e96b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe96b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e96b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e2cb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be2cb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e2cb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e2cb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe2cb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e2cb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80eacb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8beacb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96eacb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0eacb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabeacb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6eacb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e016 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be016 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e016 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e016 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe016 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e016 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e816 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be816 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e816 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e816 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe816 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e816 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e176 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be176 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e176 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e176 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe176 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e176 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e976 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be976 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e976 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e976 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe976 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e976 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80e2d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8be2d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96e2d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[0\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0e2d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabe2d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6e2d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[1\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f80ead6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f8bead6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4f96ead6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[2\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fa0ead6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fabead6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.b\[3\]
-[^:]+:\s+4fb6ead6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e000 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be000 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e000 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e000 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe000 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e000 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e800 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be800 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e800 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e800 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe800 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e800 	udot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e160 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be160 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e160 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e160 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe160 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e160 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e960 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be960 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e960 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e960 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe960 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e960 	udot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e2c0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be2c0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e2c0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e2c0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe2c0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e2c0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80eac0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8beac0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96eac0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0eac0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabeac0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6eac0 	udot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e00b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be00b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e00b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e00b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe00b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e00b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e80b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be80b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e80b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e80b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe80b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e80b 	udot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e16b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be16b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e16b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e16b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe16b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e16b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e96b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be96b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e96b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e96b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe96b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e96b 	udot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e2cb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be2cb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e2cb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e2cb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe2cb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e2cb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80eacb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8beacb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96eacb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0eacb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabeacb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6eacb 	udot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e016 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be016 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e016 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e016 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe016 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e016 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e816 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be816 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e816 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e816 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe816 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e816 	udot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e176 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be176 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e176 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e176 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe176 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e176 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e976 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be976 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e976 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e976 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe976 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e976 	udot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80e2d6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8be2d6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96e2d6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0e2d6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabe2d6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6e2d6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f80ead6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f8bead6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2f96ead6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fa0ead6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fabead6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+2fb6ead6 	udot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e000 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be000 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e000 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e000 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe000 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e000 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e800 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be800 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e800 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e800 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe800 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e800 	sdot	v0.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e160 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be160 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e160 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e160 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe160 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e160 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e960 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be960 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e960 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e960 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe960 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e960 	sdot	v0.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e2c0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be2c0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e2c0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e2c0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe2c0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e2c0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80eac0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8beac0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96eac0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0eac0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabeac0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6eac0 	sdot	v0.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e00b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be00b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e00b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e00b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe00b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e00b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e80b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be80b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e80b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e80b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe80b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e80b 	sdot	v11.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e16b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be16b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e16b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e16b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe16b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e16b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e96b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be96b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e96b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e96b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe96b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e96b 	sdot	v11.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e2cb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be2cb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e2cb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e2cb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe2cb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e2cb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80eacb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8beacb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96eacb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0eacb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabeacb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6eacb 	sdot	v11.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e016 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be016 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e016 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e016 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe016 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e016 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e816 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be816 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e816 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e816 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe816 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e816 	sdot	v22.2s, v0.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e176 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be176 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e176 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e176 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe176 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e176 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e976 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be976 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e976 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e976 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe976 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e976 	sdot	v22.2s, v11.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80e2d6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8be2d6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96e2d6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0e2d6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabe2d6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6e2d6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f80ead6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f8bead6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0f96ead6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fa0ead6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fabead6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+0fb6ead6 	sdot	v22.2s, v22.8b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e000 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be000 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e000 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e000 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe000 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e000 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e800 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be800 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e800 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e800 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe800 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e800 	udot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e160 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be160 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e160 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e160 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe160 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e160 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e960 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be960 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e960 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e960 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe960 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e960 	udot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e2c0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be2c0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e2c0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e2c0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe2c0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e2c0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80eac0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8beac0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96eac0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0eac0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabeac0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6eac0 	udot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e00b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be00b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e00b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e00b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe00b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e00b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e80b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be80b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e80b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e80b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe80b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e80b 	udot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e16b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be16b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e16b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e16b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe16b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e16b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e96b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be96b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e96b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e96b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe96b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e96b 	udot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e2cb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be2cb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e2cb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e2cb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe2cb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e2cb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80eacb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8beacb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96eacb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0eacb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabeacb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6eacb 	udot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e016 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be016 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e016 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e016 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe016 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e016 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e816 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be816 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e816 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e816 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe816 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e816 	udot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e176 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be176 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e176 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e176 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe176 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e176 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e976 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be976 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e976 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e976 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe976 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e976 	udot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80e2d6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8be2d6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96e2d6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0e2d6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabe2d6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6e2d6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f80ead6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f8bead6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6f96ead6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fa0ead6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fabead6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+6fb6ead6 	udot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e000 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be000 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e000 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e000 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe000 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e000 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e800 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be800 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e800 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e800 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe800 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e800 	sdot	v0.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e160 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be160 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e160 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e160 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe160 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e160 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e960 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be960 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e960 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e960 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe960 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e960 	sdot	v0.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e2c0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be2c0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e2c0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e2c0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe2c0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e2c0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80eac0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8beac0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96eac0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0eac0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabeac0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6eac0 	sdot	v0.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e00b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be00b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e00b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e00b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe00b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e00b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e80b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be80b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e80b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e80b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe80b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e80b 	sdot	v11.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e16b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be16b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e16b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e16b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe16b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e16b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e96b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be96b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e96b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e96b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe96b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e96b 	sdot	v11.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e2cb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be2cb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e2cb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e2cb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe2cb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e2cb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80eacb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8beacb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96eacb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0eacb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabeacb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6eacb 	sdot	v11.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e016 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be016 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e016 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e016 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe016 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e016 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e816 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be816 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e816 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e816 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe816 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e816 	sdot	v22.4s, v0.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e176 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be176 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e176 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e176 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe176 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e176 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e976 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be976 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e976 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e976 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe976 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e976 	sdot	v22.4s, v11.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80e2d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8be2d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96e2d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[0\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0e2d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabe2d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6e2d6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[1\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f80ead6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f8bead6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4f96ead6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[2\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fa0ead6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v0.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fabead6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v11.4b\[3\]
+[^:]+:\s+4fb6ead6 	sdot	v22.4s, v22.16b, v22.4b\[3\]
diff --git a/include/opcode/aarch64.h b/include/opcode/aarch64.h
index 453b1771f02a9884652b44ec9c16ea5bbced1a83..1ebc4920e4de3c4cb944e9506057a0a366a133e3 100644
--- a/include/opcode/aarch64.h
+++ b/include/opcode/aarch64.h
@@ -396,6 +396,11 @@ enum aarch64_opnd_qualifier
+  /* This type qualifier has a special meaning in that it means that 4 x 1 byte
+     are selected by the instruction.  Other than that it has no difference
+     with AARCH64_OPND_QLF_S_B in encoding.  It is here purely for syntactical
+     reasons and is an exception from normal AArch64 disassembly scheme.  */
   /* Qualifying an operand which is a SIMD vector register or a SIMD vector
      register list; indicating register shape.
diff --git a/opcodes/aarch64-asm.c b/opcodes/aarch64-asm.c
index 9294910a113049ba15f4cccd91ec1857c8935649..92de737eb17591b5f42bda18bfd38cf2e5e24d98 100644
--- a/opcodes/aarch64-asm.c
+++ b/opcodes/aarch64-asm.c
@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ aarch64_ins_reglane (const aarch64_operand *self, const aarch64_opnd_info *info,
       unsigned reglane_index = info->reglane.index;
       switch (info->qualifier)
-	case AARCH64_OPND_QLF_S_B:
+	case AARCH64_OPND_QLF_S_4B:
 	  /* L:H */
 	  assert (reglane_index < 4);
 	  insert_fields (code, reglane_index, 0, 2, FLD_L, FLD_H);
diff --git a/opcodes/aarch64-dis.c b/opcodes/aarch64-dis.c
index df67a066fdd8c6475b3920db5e222b183a31bfb6..9c2364ff9f3ddb9ac7fa839bea240da4286fa498 100644
--- a/opcodes/aarch64-dis.c
+++ b/opcodes/aarch64-dis.c
@@ -331,7 +331,7 @@ aarch64_ext_reglane (const aarch64_operand *self, aarch64_opnd_info *info,
       info->qualifier = get_expected_qualifier (inst, info->idx);
       switch (info->qualifier)
-	case AARCH64_OPND_QLF_S_B:
+	case AARCH64_OPND_QLF_S_4B:
 	  /* L:H */
 	  info->reglane.index = extract_fields (code, 0, 2, FLD_H, FLD_L);
 	  info->reglane.regno &= 0x1f;
diff --git a/opcodes/aarch64-opc.c b/opcodes/aarch64-opc.c
index eac027955374bb4018546e0a32d21cdadc579340..2cccb0c1d7d923016dbdee5e5594b3e0a379335a 100644
--- a/opcodes/aarch64-opc.c
+++ b/opcodes/aarch64-opc.c
@@ -698,6 +698,7 @@ struct operand_qualifier_data aarch64_opnd_qualifiers[] =
   {4, 1, 0x2, "s", OQK_OPD_VARIANT},
   {8, 1, 0x3, "d", OQK_OPD_VARIANT},
   {16, 1, 0x4, "q", OQK_OPD_VARIANT},
+  {1, 4, 0x0, "4b", OQK_OPD_VARIANT},
   {1, 4, 0x0, "4b", OQK_OPD_VARIANT},
   {1, 8, 0x0, "8b", OQK_OPD_VARIANT},
diff --git a/opcodes/aarch64-tbl.h b/opcodes/aarch64-tbl.h
index 11587dc5733ec2d62b9ab7eda253bfadb455d850..e38ab2083834976ea2bf29999641ba06fa44b9f5 100644
--- a/opcodes/aarch64-tbl.h
+++ b/opcodes/aarch64-tbl.h
@@ -1992,8 +1992,8 @@
 /* e.g. UDOT <Vd>.2S, <Vn>.8B, <Vm>.4B[<index>].  */
 #define QL_V2DOT	 \
 {			 \
-  QLF3(V_2S, V_8B,  S_B),\
-  QLF3(V_4S, V_16B, S_B),\
+  QLF3(V_2S, V_8B,  S_4B),\
+  QLF3(V_4S, V_16B, S_4B),\
 /* e.g. SHA512H <Qd>, <Qn>, <Vm>.2D.  */

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