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Re: binutils 2.30 release schedule?

Hi  Matthias,

> The 2.29 release was made at the end of July, so according the six months
> release cycle, the 2.30 release would be around the end of January 2018.  Is
> this still the plan?

Yes, I believe it is.

I am still looking for volunteers interested in helping out with the release,
or taking over the management of it entirely.  But in the meantime Patsy Franklin
and I are willing to step up and take on the 2.30 release.  It will be out first
major release though, so please be patient with us. :-)

> I'm asking because I might be able to do a archive test
> rebuild with the new binutils around Christmas, and from my point of view the
> value of such a test rebuild is better when done around branching, or when done
> from a release branch.  So are there any plans to continue with the six months
> release cycle?

The six month cycle also fits in nicely with Fedora, so that is a plus from my
point of view.  So unless there are strong objections from someone I will endeavour
to ensure that January/July continues as the release months.


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