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Re: meaning of "Automatic date update in" commits

I hope it will be the last message in this thread.
Just summary of discussion to avoid useless flame in the future.

Date in stamped via everyday bot's commits is important
due to user requirements.

The target user portrait is:

  - he/she build binutils/gdb from development sources;
  - he/she often receive development sources as tarball from ftp server;
  - he/she never use git, at least on binutils/gdb build stage;
  - he/she use libbfd/opcodes in a "pure" manner, without
    software that depends upon this libs, so bulk rebuilds is not a problem;
  - he/she may report about bugs a few months after building or receiving
    library in a binary form and can more-or-less identify sources;
  - he/she don't use development binutils/gdb within processes with
    continuous integration-like approach;
  - he/she don't worry about ABI changes and compatibility.

Assuming this targets, process of development and maintenance work well
and modification not required.



  - ptr

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