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Re: meaning of "Automatic date update in" commits

On 2017-09-21 15:17, Petr Ovtchenkov wrote:
And date stamp in not play here at all. But,

  - if you insert date stamp into sources, you
    i)  keep "litter" problem
ii) make misorientation (what this date mean? commit date? - it already
       present in commit; and what commit date?)
  - if you don't insert date stamp into sources, but add to SONAME
during build process,
    it still not reflect ABI compatibilities, but may prevent "binary
reproducible builds"
    (depends upon what date you use). I'm underline, that such addition
    has no relation to ABI compatibilities, so such SONAME modification
    lose sense.

Binary reproducible builds mean that if you and I start with the same source code and same build tools, we will get exactly the same build artifacts. Here the build can't "depend on what date you use": you can't choose a date or another, the date is part of the code you are trying to build. So if you and I build from the same commit, we'll build using the same date, whatever date is in the version.h file.

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