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Re: meaning of "Automatic date update in" commits

On 09/21/2017 11:58 AM, Petr Ovtchenkov wrote:

> Date is worst thing that you may use in SONAME. Especially in conjunction
> with attempts to use DVCS as date source. (D == _Distributed_, so _no
> time ordering_). And I should repeat:
>   - from datestamps equality not follow ABI compatibility,
>   - from datestamps inequality not follow ABI incompatibility.
> What you want achieve with SONAME variations?

What do _you_ want to achieve with removing the date stamps?

You started the thread with:

> This commits (...) create problems for  	
> deterministic, bit-identical and/or verifiable builds.

... which is false.  The rest of the thread seems like trying
to change the goal post in order to justify change so that as side
effect we'd fix the problem with determinism that you
claimed exists, but that doesn't actually exist.

I.e., this whole thread feels like the classical XY problem.

What is the actual problem that you're trying to solve?

Pedro Alves

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