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Re: [PATCH] [GOLD] Add plugin API for processing plugin-added input files

> I just wanted to ping this patch and see if this change (or something
> else that allows unique segments in plugin-created objects) can be
> added to the plugin API.
> On Thu, Aug 24, 2017 at 10:48 PM, Stephen Crane <> wrote:
>> I have a gold plugin that needs to call the
>> unique_segment_for_sections interface for sections in an input file
>> created by a plugin. Specifically, I want to assign a section created
>> during LTO to a unique output segment with special flags. Here is a
>> patch that allows this use case by adding a callback that gives the
>> plugin the opportunity to get an input handle for plugin-created input
>> files. Could this be added to the gold plugin API? Is there a better
>> way to do this?

This seems reasonable, although I haven't given your patch a good look
yet. Before we put this in gold, though, you should post your proposed
change to the plugin interface (i.e., plugin-api.h) to the gcc-patches
mailing list for review there (please cc me), then be prepared to
update the whopr/driver wiki page on the GCC wiki:

The patch to plugin-api.h will need to be applied first on the GCC
tree, then synced back to the binutils tree.

I'd suggest you also cc Sriraman Tallam (cc'ed here). The API
extensions for assigning sections to unique segments are his, so he
may have some useful feedback for you.


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