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RE: I've broken my binutils version 2.28

> -----Original Message-----
> From: [] On Behalf Of Matthew
> Fortune
> Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 5:09 PM
> Subject: RE: I've broken my binutils version 2.28
> ANDY KENNEDY <> writes:
> > My build error:
> > Assembler messages:
> > Warning: could not set architecture and machine
> > internal error: can't hash `dmul': exists
> > Fatal error: broken assembler, no assembly attempted
> >
> I believe this error occurs when identically named instructions are not in one
> contiguous block in the opcode table.  The patch snippet you posted does
> not insert a dmul outside of the set of other dmul instructions though so
> perhaps I am remembering wrong.  Have you got another dmul somewhere else
> in the opcode table?

Yeah, my snippet was a grep.  There was another dmtur in the mix. Thanks
for the hint!

Next layer of the onion is
error: missing __attribute__ ((constructor)) support

But, my brain hurts and I'll look at that tomorrow.  I'm probably going
to do a deep dive searching for every location where the XLR (the XLP's
baby brother) is used (maybe even the Octeon3) and ensure that I have
at least the right stuff defined.

Again, thanks for your help!

> Matthew

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