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Strange linking behaviour in conjunction with ARM-EABI unwinding routines (__cxa_begin_cleanup)


we've got a problem with our toolchain and/or libstdc++ and because I think, this confusion could probably be explained by a linker expert, I am asking here for your help.
We are not sure, if this is an error, but me an my colleagues were not able understand this behaviour.

The problem:
When I compile and link a simple C++-library consisting of the files
test.cpp, TestClass.cpp, TestClass.h
some unwinding support routines like '__cxa_begin_cleanup' are weak-referenced from the library,
'objdump -T' showing them as
   00000000  w   D  *UND*  00000000 __cxa_begin_cleanup
   00000000  w   D  *UND*  00000000 __cxa_call_unexpected

'__cxa_begin_cleanup' is implemented in libsupc++, which our library is linked with, but the function is not linked into the library.
If the code from the library is changed and a std::string is used (prepared in comments in test.cpp), the function '__cxa_begin_cleanup' will be linked to the resulting binary and 'objdump -T' won't show them anymore.

Can anyone help?
The ARM-EABI toolchain consists of:
GCC 6.3.0
Binutils 2.27
Newlib 2.4.0

arm-eabi-gcc.exe test.cpp TestClass.cpp -fPIC -O0 -lstdc++ -lsupc++ -o a.out

Thanks in advance,
Thomas Schmid



#include <string>
#include "testclass.h"

int bur_heap_size = 0;

//std::string str1;

int fun ()
TestClass obj1;
//   str1 = "blabla";
return 0;


#include "testclass.h"

TestClass::TestClass(){    public_member = 1;}
int TestClass::PublicMethodGetPublicMember(){    return public_member;}


#ifndef TESTCLASS_H_
#define TESTCLASS_H_

class TestClass
int PublicMethodGetPublicMember();
int public_member;


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