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"segfault at 0 ip (null) .." at when using LD_PRELOAD on tty7 (GUI)

Re: How to properly avoid warning about sh_link not set for section “.ARM.exidx”?

[3rd request] [PATCH] FT32: improve disassembly readability

[3rd request] [PATCH] FT32: Permit R_FT32_18 overflow

[AArch64][1/6] Add new "pauth" feature and native support

[AArch64][6/6] Core file support for "pauth" feature

[ARM, gas] Don't warn on REG_SP when used in CRC32 instructions

[committed, PATCH] 2.29: Do not choose a non-ELF format input file to hold the linker created GOT sections.

[committed, PATCH] Add 2 more tests for PR ld/21884

[committed, PATCH] Add a testcase for "ld -d"

[committed, PATCH] ld: Require GCC 5 or above for 3 x86 tests

[committed, PATCH] PR ld/21923: Replace --rpath with -Wl,--rpath

[committed, PATCH] Remove elf_x86_64_next_tls_desc_index/elf_x86_64_srelplt2

[committed, PATCH] Remove unused _bfd_elf_ifunc_get_synthetic_symtab

[committed, PATCH] Update PR ld/21903 tests for dejagnu 1.4.4

[committed, PATCH] Update PR ld/21964 tests

[committed, PATCH] Update testsuite/ld-x86-64/plt-main-bnd.dd

[committed, PATCH] x86-64: Properly report output type when PIC is needed

[committed, PATCH] x86: Add _bfd_x86_elf_get_synthetic_symtab

[committed, PATCH] x86: Add _bfd_x86_elf_link_hash_table_create

[committed, PATCH] x86: Allocate space for symbol names with symbol table

[committed, PATCH] x86: Check for valid PLT section size

[committed, PATCH] x86: Check target_id instead of elf_machine_code

[committed, PATCH] x86: Check valid PLT sections before checking dynamic relocations

[committed, PATCH] x86: Increment PLT count only for function symbols

[committed, PATCH] x86: Initialize def_protected

[committed, PATCH] x86: Re-indent elf32-i386.c/elf64-x86-64.c

[committed, PATCH] x86: Remove redundant "symbol" in comments

[committed, PATCH] x86: Simplify bad return in get_synthetic_symtab

[committed, PATCH] x86: Update segment register check in Intel syntax

[committed] LD/testsuite: Also discard `.MIPS.options' in orphan tests

[committed] MIPS/BFD: Correct microMIPS cross-mode BAL to JALX relaxation

[committed] MIPS/GAS/testsuite: Deduplicate error lists of branch local tests

[committed] MIPS/GAS: Also respect `-mignore-branch-isa' with MIPS16 code

[Committed] S/390: Fix claimfile failures

[GOLD] PowerPC tls_get_addr_optimize

[GOLD] Reduce size of class Symbol

Re: [GOLD] Symbol target_flag for PowerPC64 localentry:0 tracking

Re: [PATCH 0/4][MSP430] Improve behaviour of ".either" section placement

Re: [PATCH 2/6] Delegate opcodes to select disassembler in GDB

[Patch AArch64] Turn lr, fp, ip0 and ip1 into proper aliases

[PATCH v2] gas: Enable PC-relative diff relocations on sparc64

[PATCH v2][AArch64] Skip IFUNC relocations in debug sections

Re: [PATCH v3] Add configure flag to enable gnu hash style by default.

Re: [PATCH, MIPS] Extract PID from core dump file

[PATCH] [GOLD] Add plugin API for processing plugin-added input files

[PATCH] [MSP430] Fix open syscall not working in simulator

[PATCH] [PowerPC VLE] Add LSP instructions support

[PATCH] [PowerPC VLE] Add SPE2 and EFS2 instructions support

[PATCH] [PowerPC] VLE update

[PATCH] [ppc64] Add new NTs available since Linux 4.8

[PATCH] Add elfxx-x86.h and elfxx-x86.c

[PATCH] Also disallow global alias of common symbol

[PATCH] Call _close_and_cleanup in bfd_close_all_done

Fwd: [PATCH] COFF Compliant .ctors and .dtors sections

[PATCH] Disallow copy relocation against protected data symbol

[PATCH] FT32: improve disassembly readability

[PATCH] FT32: Permit R_FT32_18 overflow

[PATCH] GDB/opcodes: Remove arch/mach/endian disassembler assertions

Re: [PATCH] gold: aarch64 split stack support

Re: [PATCH] gold: Add --no-relax option

[PATCH] gold: Fix aarch64 fix_errata_and_relocate_erratum_stubs internal error

[PATCH] Ignore unknown extended opcode in dwarf2 debug line

[PATCH] ld: Early detection of orphans we know will be discarded

[PATCH] LVU: dump loclists with locviews

[PATCH] Mark __start/__stop symbols as PROTECTED in dll

[PATCH] Mark __start/__stop symbols as PROTECTED in shared object

[PATCH] MIPS/LD: Add OpenBSD/mips64 support

Re: [PATCH] PR ld/17618: Check PC-relative offset overflow in PLT entry

[PATCH] PR ld/21884: Check ELF section header only for ELF output

[PATCH] PR ld/21903: Treat common symbol as undefined for --no-define-common

Re: [PATCH] RISC-V: Add special_function for ADD and SUB relocations

[PATCH] RISC-V: Mark "c.nop" as an alias

[PATCH] Skip ELF section header check if not needed

Re: [PATCH] tst-tlsopt-powerpc as a shared lib

[PATCH] x86-64: Check relocations with -z nocopyreloc

[PATCH] x86: Clear extern_protected_data for GNU_PROPERTY_NO_COPY_ON_PROTECTED

[PATCH] x86: Don't call strncmp for __tls_get_addr

[PATCH] xtensa: fix memory corruption by broken sysregs

[PATCH] xtensa: ld: restore old section sorting behavior

[PATCH][AArch64] Skip IFUNC relocations in debug sections

[PATCH][GAS][AArch64] Enable dot product support by default to cores that support it.

[PATCH][gold] Fix offset calculation when applying AArch64 TLSDESC relocations.

[repost] [PATCH] FT32: improve disassembly readability

[repost] [PATCH] FT32: Permit R_FT32_18 overflow

RE: [RFC v2] MIPS ABI Extension for IEEE Std 754 Non-Compliant Interlinking


Assemble powerpc vle lsp tests with -a32

Assembler listing bug

bfd/version.h hasn't been updated for more than 24 hours

Binutils-2.29 invalid free()

building gold from release tarball requires bison?

can't push to binutils-gdb, git-hooks rejecting commits

Commit: Add -z globalaudit linker command line option

Commit: Add test of v2 GNU build attribute notes.

Committed: fix PR ld/20125, MMIX weak symbols

Don't fail in elf32_hppa_set_gp

ELF and Linking for heterogeneous multicore embedded systems

Fix i686-nacl and x86_64-nacl pr21884 failures

fork call __attribute__((destructor))

GDB 7.12.1 on Gentoo's x32 profile: Can't debug 64-bit process with 32-bit GDB

How to properly avoid warning about sh_link not set for section “.ARM.exidx”?

how to separate libopcode library from binutils

Inconsistency detected by binding time

Linaro vendor branches

Make __start/__stop symbols protected visibility

Make undefined symbols in allocate_dynrelocs dynamic

More support for ld --hash-style in the ld testsuite

New Brazilian Portuguese PO file for 'ld' (version 2.28.90)

new ELF marking

New French PO file for 'gprof' (version 2.28.90)

New French PO file for 'opcodes' (version 2.28.90)

New Serbian PO file for 'gprof' (version 2.28.90)

Re: New Swedish PO file for 'binutils' (version 2.28.90)

open source disassembler library recommended

passing argument to __attribute__((constructor))

PATCH: Add elf64.lo together with elfxx-x86.lo for 64-bit BFD

powerpc ld core dump in 2.29

PowerPC TPREL reloc handling

PowerPC TPREL16_HA/LO reloc optimization

PowerPC64 __tls_get_addr sequence optimization

ppc-opc.c formatting

PR21441, Unnecessary padding of .eh_frame section

PR21910, segfault in common symbol override test when hash-style=gnu

PR21990, Integer overflow in process_version_sections

PR21994, readelf looping on verdefs

PR22048, Incorrect .eh_frame section in

problem with binutils 2.29 for microblaze

Problems testing binutils with DejaGnu 1.6+

Re: Referring to a specific symbol in a static library with gold

Release Signing Keys are Susceptible to Attack

Remove .eh_frame zero terminators

Remove pr19161 test hppa xfail

Should we have a 2.29.1 point release ?

Static linking on 64-bit PowerPC ELFv2

Support different ld --hash-style in the ld testsuite

Teach readelf about IA64 MSB relocs

Using S_SET_VOLATILE in md_undefined_symbol crashes as

where is the data structure for instruction operand in x86 architecture?

x86-64 push / jmp / mov of undefined label results in bad relocation for position-independent code

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