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Re: building gold from release tarball requires bison?

On Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 5:07 PM, Benjamin Peterson <> wrote:
> Hi,
> At least the binutils-2.29 tarball, the generated parser for
> gold/yyscript.y is not included, so building gold requires bison. Since
> other bison parsers (e.g., binutils/defparser.c) seem to be generated
> into the release tarball, am I correct in assuming this is an oversight
> in the release process? gold/README does promise "If you are building
> gold from an official binutils release,
> the bison output should already be included."

Hmm, I've not exactly pinpointed the problem, but thought I had tested
this before the commit for PR 18200,
looking at the tarballs since then it doesn't appear that yyscript.c
has showed up in a release tarball since that was resolved.

Looks like my testing was flawed,

what I notice is that running ./configure; cd gold && ./configure; cd
..; ./ -g binutils
seems to include yyscript.c, but running plain old top-level
configure; does not seem to include it in the resulting

I have a feeling that the gold/Makefile is not being generated in the machinery, and so its never hitting the "diststuff"

my guess is that the release process doesn't configure with both
linkers e.g. --enable-gold --enable-ld

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