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Re: how to separate libopcode library from binutils

My best regards to you.

     No System Is Safe!
     Dongliang Mu

2017-08-29 0:42 GMT-04:00 R0b0t1 <>:
> On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 8:11 PM, 慕冬亮 <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I wonder if it is possible to separate the library libopcode from
>> binutils and maintain it in another repo. Or the libopcode source code
>> is maintained in one repo that I don't know.
>> It is not essential to compile the whole binutils package when you
>> need libopcode. So is there easy solution for this problem?
> If you look in binutils/opcodes you will find a configure script.
> Running this script will produce a Makefile, and you can use that
> Makefile to build only libopcodes. You can copy binutils/opcodes out
> of the binutils project directory or you can create an out-of-tree
> directory to build libopcodes in (create the directory, then run
> libopcode's configure script when inside of that directory).
I have seen that folder, and tried to build opcodes. But it depends on
libbfd, which locates in ../bfd. Only separate opcodes directory is
not enough.

> I suspect libopcodes exists within the binutils project because
> development is very closely linked. Indeed, a bunch of related
> programs are in binutils because they are all developed at more or
> less the same time.
> R0b0t1.

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