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Re: [GOLD] PowerPC tls_get_addr_optimize

> Here's the full patch with a clone() implemented as I understand you'd
> like to see.
> elfcpp/
>         * elfcpp.h (DT_PPC_OPT): Define.
>         * powerpc.h (PPC_OPT_TLS): Define.
> gold/
>         * options.h (tls_get_addr_optimize): New option.
>         * symtab.h (Symbol::clear_in_reg, clone): New functions.
>         (Sized_symbol::clone): New function.
>         (Symbol_table::clone): New function.
>         * (Symbol::clone, Sized_symbol::clone): New functions.
>         * (Target_powerpc::has_tls_get_addr_opt_,
>         tls_get_addr_, tls_get_addr_opt_): New vars.
>         (Target_powerpc::tls_get_addr_opt, tls_get_addr,
>         is_tls_get_addr_opt, replace_tls_get_addr,
>         set_has_tls_get_addr_opt, stk_linker): New functions.
>         (Target_powerpc::Track_tls::maybe_skip_tls_get_addr_call): Add
>         target param.  Update callers.  Compare symbols rather than names.
>         (Target_powerpc::do_define_standard_symbols): Init tls_get_addr_
>         and tls_get_addr_opt_.
>         (Target_powerpc::Branch_info::mark_pltcall): Translate tls_get_addr
>         sym to tls_get_addr_opt.
>         (Target_powerpc::Branch_info::make_stub): Likewise.
>         (Stub_table::define_stub_syms): Likewise.
>         (Target_powerpc::Scan::global): Likewise.
>         (Target_powerpc::Relocate::relocate): Likewise.
>         (add_3_12_2, add_3_12_13, bctrl, beqlr, cmpdi_11_0, cmpwi_11_0,
>         ld_11_1, ld_11_3, ld_12_3, lwz_11_3, lwz_12_3, mr_0_3, mr_3_0,
>         mtlr_11, std_11_1): New constants.
>         (Stub_table::eh_frame_added_): Delete.
>         (Stub_table::tls_get_addr_opt_bctrl_, plt_fde_len_, plt_fde_): New vars.
>         (Stub_table::init_plt_fde): New functions.
>         (Stub_table::add_eh_frame, replace_eh_frame): Move definition out
>         of line.  Init and use plt_fde_.
>         (Stub_table::plt_call_size): Return size for tls_get_addr stub.
>         Extract alignment code to..
>         (Stub_table::plt_call_align): ..this new function.  Adjust all callers.
>         (Stub_table::add_plt_call_entry): Set has_tls_get_addr_opt and
>         tls_get_addr_opt_bctrl, and align after that.
>         (Stub_table::do_write): Write out tls_get_addr stub.
>         (Target_powerpc::do_finalize_sections): Emit DT_PPC_OPT
>         PPC_OPT_TLS/PPC64_OPT_TLS bit.
>         (Target_powerpc::Relocate::relocate): Don't check for or modify
>         nop following bl for tls_get_addr stub.

This is OK. Thanks for putting up with my whims!


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