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Re: Make __start/__stop symbols protected visibility


On Wed, 23 Aug 2017, H.J. Lu wrote:

> >> STV_PROTECTED is meaningful only if there is a dynamic relocation.
> >> When the relocation is already resolved by the linker at run-time via
> >> SYMBOLIC_BIND, the symbol is not preemptable regardless if it is
> >> STV_PROTECTED or not.
> >
> > The symbolic_bind hack is only necessary because protected symbols are
> > broken on x86 and not usable for what they are intended.  In a better
> It is the direct result of copy relocation.

Yes, and the fix is to not do copy relocs for protected symbols, instead 
of breaking the reason d'etre for protected visibility.

> > world it wouldn't be needed, and protected visibility would then be
> > enough, and indeed the right thing.
> >
> > In that better world there never would be dynamic relocs against a
> > PROTECTED symbol, because they always would have been resolved
> > locally/transformed into RELATIVE.  Such symbols could then indeed
> This is not true for pointers to protected functions.  Dynamic relocation
> is needed for pointer equality.

As we discussed on various times at considerable length, pointer equality 
simply needs to be given up for protected symbols, when copy relocations 
are involved.  Alternatively copy relocations of protected symbols need to 
be avoided, at the expense of different code generation inside 
executables.  With people using PIE more and more the latter part is 
already on the way, no copy relocs --> pointer equality works naturally.


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