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Re: Problems testing binutils with DejaGnu 1.6+

Hi Andrey,

  Sorry for the delay in responding to this email.  I am not an expert
  on dejagnu and I was hoping that someone else would answer...

>> $ make -k RUNTESTFLAGS='--all --xml' check
> This ran fine with runtest 1.5.1, but produces the following error with
> runtest 1.6:

Right - this happens for me too.

> Is this a problem with binutils (, or should I
> report a bug to DejaGnu maintainers?

No, I think that it is a dejagnu problem.  I can reproduce the failure
without using the binutils make system at all:

  $ cd <bbinutils-build-dir>/binutils
  % runtest --tool binutils --srcdir <path-to-binutils-testsuite> --all --xml
  couldn't open "<path-to-binutils-testsuite>": illegal operation on a directory
    while executing
  "open [file join $outdir $xml_file_name] w"

I think that the code to handle --xml without a filename argument is broken
and it is picking the first pathname like argument that it finds on the command
line.  (This is just a guess).

So - please do report the problem to DejaGnu.


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