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Re: ppc64le: expected localentry:0 `pthread_condattr_destroy'

This makes ld warn about --plt-localentry if a version of glibc
without the necessary checks is detected, and revises the

	* elf64-ppc.c (ppc64_elf_tls_setup): Warn on --plt-localentry
	without checks.
	* (Target_powerpc::scan_relocs): Warn on --plt-localentry
	without checks.
	* ld.texinfo (plt-localentry): Revise.

diff --git a/bfd/elf64-ppc.c b/bfd/elf64-ppc.c
index 5f3c79f..7f4f7b6 100644
--- a/bfd/elf64-ppc.c
+++ b/bfd/elf64-ppc.c
@@ -8372,6 +8372,12 @@ ppc64_elf_tls_setup (struct bfd_link_info *info)
      --plt-localentry can cause trouble.  */
   if (htab->params->plt_localentry0 < 0)
     htab->params->plt_localentry0 = 0;
+  if (htab->params->plt_localentry0
+      && elf_link_hash_lookup (&htab->elf, "GLIBC_2.26",
+			       FALSE, FALSE, FALSE) == NULL)
+    info->callbacks->einfo
+      (_("%P: warning: --plt-localentry is especially dangerous without "
+	 " support to detect ABI violations.\n"));
   htab->tls_get_addr = ((struct ppc_link_hash_entry *)
 			elf_link_hash_lookup (&htab->elf, ".__tls_get_addr",
diff --git a/gold/ b/gold/
index e322d6f..14e56d8 100644
--- a/gold/
+++ b/gold/
@@ -7660,6 +7660,10 @@ Target_powerpc<size, big_endian>::scan_relocs(
 	  if (parameters->options().user_set_plt_localentry())
 	    plt_localentry0 = parameters->options().plt_localentry();
+	  if (plt_localentry0
+	      && symtab->lookup("GLIBC_2.26", NULL) == NULL)
+	    gold_warning(_("--plt-localentry is especially dangerous without "
+			   " support to detect ABI violations"));
       this->plt_localentry0_ = plt_localentry0;
       this->plt_localentry0_init_ = true;
diff --git a/ld/ld.texinfo b/ld/ld.texinfo
index 172c1dd..ebe7e7b 100644
--- a/ld/ld.texinfo
+++ b/ld/ld.texinfo
@@ -7613,8 +7613,11 @@ Such an external function can be called via the PLT without saving r2
 or restoring it on return, avoiding a common load-hit-store for small
 functions.   The optimization is attractive, with up to 40% reduction
 in execution time for a small function, but can result in symbol
-interposition failures.  Use with care.  @option{--no-plt-localentry}
-is the default.
+interposition failures.  Also, minor changes in a shared library,
+including system libraries, can cause a function that was localentry:0
+to become localentry:8.  This will result in a dynamic loader
+complaint and failure to run.  The option is experimental, use with
+care.  @option{--no-plt-localentry} is the default.
 @end table
 @ifclear GENERIC

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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