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Re: [patch,avr] PR21849: Locate section .progmemx.* at a higher address.

On 27.07.2017 13:48, Nick Clifton wrote:
Hi Johann,

Hi, this fixes PR21849:  The current location of data for
avr-gcc named address space __memx is such that it "wastes"
lower addresses in the 16-bit range.

As the compiler is using 24-bit addresses for __memx data which
it located in .progmemx.*, this section can be moved to a higher
address in the linker script.

@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ SECTIONS
      ${RELOCATING+ *libprintf_flt.a:*(}
      ${RELOCATING+ *libc.a:*(}
- ${RELOCATING+ *(.progmem*)}
+    ${RELOCATING+ *(.progmem.*)}
${RELOCATING+. = ALIGN(2);} @@ -196,6 +196,8 @@ SECTIONS
      ${RELOCATING+ *(.hightext*)}
+ ${RELOCATING+ *(.progmemx.*)}
      ${RELOCATING+. = ALIGN(2);}
/* For tablejump instruction arrays. We don't relax

This does not look right.  It does add the .progmemx.* entry to the high area
but it also removes the .progmem.* entry from the low area.  Why is this needed ?
.progmem.* will not match any .progmemx.* sections, so the two are distinct.

There is

+    ${RELOCATING+ *(.progmem.*)}

at the low end.  avr-gcc only generates (or .progmem.gcc*
for old versions) so that .progmem.* catches them all without matching

(Note the period character in a section pattern is not a regexp character, it
exactly matches only the period character itself).

Would also be great if this can go into 2.29.

Sorry - 2.29 is out of the door - so it is too late for this to happen.


What I meant is back-porting to the 2.29 branch so it will come with 2.29.*.


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