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Re: [ARM] Testsuite for ARMv8-R

See #source line in line 2 of the .d file :)

It is common practice to have a single source file map to multiple disassembly files in the testsuite .

Not at my keyboard till later this evening to check the source tree but look for armv8-ar.s in the testsuite.

From: Alexander Fedotov <>
Sent: 26 July 2017 11:07:17
To: Thomas Preud'homme; Ramana Radhakrishnan
Subject: [ARM] Testsuite for ARMv8-R

Hello guys

Looks like source asm files are missing from testsuite for armv8-r,
while D files are there. For instance I looked into armv8-r+fp.d:

#name: Valid v8-r+fp
#source: armv8-ar+fp.s
#as: -march=armv8-r
#objdump: -dr --prefix-addresses --show-raw-insn
#skip: *-*-*coff *-*-pe *-*-wince *-*-*aout* *-*-netbsd

But I can't find corresponding asm source file.

PS. I came here from original issue with newlib build for cortex-r52.
I got an error:

/tmp/ccgwkYc2.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/ccgwkYc2.s:35: Error: selected processor does not support
`vrintp.f32 s15,s15' in ARM mode


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