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Re: FYI - git-hooks recents update to be deployed in a couple of weeks

> This is just a heads up that I've made a number of changes to
> the git-hooks which you currently use. The commits introduce
> the following changes:
>   - passing the filename to the style-checker via stdin
>     rather than on the command line; this is an enabler for...
>   - calling the style-checker only once per commit.
>   - Fix a crash when the value of a config option (any config option)
>     in the project.config file (in the refs/meta/config branch) spans
>     multiple lines
>   - Support for using one entry per item in the project.config file
>     when the configuration is a list. This is an alternative to using
>     one entry with a comma-separated value.
>   - Support for a new configuration, called hooks.frozen-ref, which
>     is a list of references for which updates are not allowed (used
>     when branches are retired).
> The first 2 changes might have an impact on your project if you had
> a style-checker configured.
> For various reasons, I will hold those changes until at least July 24th.
> So if your project is impacted, you have at least 2 weeks to plan for
> the transition. Let me know if you need more time.

I just installed the udpates. Let me know if there are any issues.


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