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Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix PR18841 ifunc relocation ordering

On 18/07/17 17:23, Nick Clifton wrote:
> Hi Szabolcs,
>> In order to get the ifunc relocs properly sorted the correct class
>> needs to be returned.  The code mimics what has been done for x86.
>> Fixes
>> FAIL: Run pr18841 with
> The patch is OK, but I would like to see one change:
> +	  if (!bed->s->swap_symbol_in (abfd,
> +				       (htab->root.dynsym->contents
> +					+ r_symndx * bed->s->sizeof_sym),
> +				       0, &sym))
> +	    abort ();
> I strongly dislike calls to abort() inside a library.  Corrupt input
> files can trigger them, and they are of no help to the user.  So please
> replace this with a call to bfd_error_message().  (It would be nice if
> there was a reloc_class_unknown so that you could return that value, but
> that would be too big of a change).

thanks for the review.

i don't see bfd_error_message.
do you mean bfd_perror (printing last bfd error)
or bfd_assert (aborting with an error message)
or bfd_error_handler (printing a custom message) ?

i can return some random reloc class, but i don't
know if continuing in such state is valid.

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