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Re: [gold][aarch64]: Fixing gold pr/21491 - Errata workaround can produce broken images.

>     gold/ChangeLog:
>       2017-07-06  Han Shen  <>
>         * (Erratum_stub::invalidate_erratum_stub): New method.
>         (Erratum_stub::is_invalidated_erratum_stub): New method.
>         (Stub_table::relocate_reloc_stub): Renamed from "relocate_stub".
>         (Stub_table::relocate_reloc_stubs): Renamed from "relocate_stubs".
>         (Stub_table::relocate_erratum_stub): New method.
>         (AArch64_relobj::fix_errata_and_relocate_erratum_stubs): Renamed from
>         "fix_errata".
>         (Target_aarch64::relocate_reloc_stub): Renamed from "relocate_stub".

+  switch (estub->type())
+  {
+    case ST_E_843419:
+    case ST_E_835769:

The braces for the switch should be indented two spaces, but the case
labels remain where they are -- even with the indented braces.

+          // stub. Note, when erratumf ix is skipped (either because we

s/f ix/ fix/

OK with those changes. Thanks!


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