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Re: List of supported Pseudoinstructions for MIPS assembler

On Mon, 19 Jun 2017, Lowell, Michael Thomas wrote:

> Hello, I would very much appreciate if someone could direct me to the list
> of supported assembler Pseudoinstructions when assembling for MIPS. I
> looked at the documentation provided for binutils and the existence
> of Pseudoinstructions is acknowledged but I cannot find information on
> which are built into the assembler.

 Regrettably we do not have a full reference available, the MIPS part of 
the GAS manual has never been completed.  While we do require these days 
that any new additions are documented, a lot of the old stuff has not made 
it there.

 Overall the MIPS port of GAS has started by following the syntax of the 
original MIPSCO and SGI assemblers, so you might be able to use third 
party references.  For example GAS implements most of the directives 
described in "MIPSpro Assembly Language Programmer's Guide", Chapter 8 
"Pseudo Op-Codes (Directives)", available online.  You may also use 
Dominic Sweetman's "See MIPS Run", Section 9.5 "Assembler Directives" as a 
partial reference for some pseudo-ops not mentioned in the former 
document.  Combined with the newer additions described in the GAS manual, 
Section 9.27 "MIPS Dependent Features" you will get pretty close to what 
we support.

 Depending on your needs this may or may not be good enough.  If you tell 
us your specific requirements, then we might be able to help more.


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