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Re: BFD internal errors in *_finish_dynamic_symbol

On 29/06/17 22:23, Joseph Myers wrote:

Building the glibc testsuite, test elf/ifuncmain1staticpie, I see the
following BFD internal errors on AArch64 and SPARC64:

BFD (GNU Binutils) internal error, aborting at
/scratch/jmyers/glibc-bot/src/binutils/bfd/elfnn-aarch64.c:8900 in

BFD (GNU Binutils) internal error, aborting at
/scratch/jmyers/glibc-bot/src/binutils/bfd/elfxx-sparc.c:4510 in

These are caused by the commits:

commit ec1acaba1381d0196c45965a7db9942b67fbd88d
Author: Egeyar Bagcioglu <>
Date:   Thu Jun 29 04:28:27 2017 -0700

     bfd: prevent all but undef weak syms from becoming dynamic in sparc.

commit ff07562f1e369b6e37eafb2a888dc48fa2453e86
Author: Jiong Wang <>
Date:   Thu Jun 29 11:47:43 2017 +0100

     [AArch64] Only override the symbol dynamic decision on undefined weak symbol

(as verified by: building with binutils commit
ec1acaba1381d0196c45965a7db9942b67fbd88d both internal errors appear;
building two commits earlier, commit
2aff25ba76035d2f1f48ea8a6c4b7e498ee31790, neither error occurs).

The new assertion added in *_finish_dynamic_symbol missed IFUNC type.

A local defined IFUNC in an executable still requires some finalization code in
this finish_dynamic_symbol hook to setup PLT + IRELATIVE.

The fix might be either follow the X86-64 approach to only assert on entries
that were exactly touched by that patch.
Or to relax the check on IFUNC. Searching the code in bfd/elflink.c, there are
similar checks done at the call site of backend *_finish_dynamic_symbol already to
make sure it's only called when necessary, so I fell this assertion could also be

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