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[PATCH, ARM, 0/10] Add support for ARMv8-R


This patch series adds support for ARMv8-R to binutils. It mainly consists of some improvement to the build attribute selection in GAS and necessary refactoring for this to happen. Only 3 patches are concerned with actually adding support for ARMv8-R. The details are as follows:

[ 1/10] Separate extensions from architectures in arm_cpus
[ 2/10] Keep separation between extensions and architecture bits throughout execution Build attributes are mostly based on the base architecture (ie. without extensions) so we need to distinguish those two. Keeping the two separate instead of having a feature set for base and another one for base+ext is useful because in some cases extension participate in build attribute selection.

[ 3/10] Simplify Tag_DSP_extension selection logic
Now that the extension feature set is available, we can test for that build attribute more easily and naturally (attribute is defined in term of feature being provided by extension)

[ 4/10] Rework selection of feature bits to base build attributes on
Selection of feature bits to use for build atribute selection used to mix things that were detected from things that were selected, thus losing precious information for the build attribute selection logic. This patch keeps the two cases separate.

[ 5/10] Allow Thumb division as an extension for ARMv7
Allow code with SDIV and UDIV instructions to be auto detected as ARMv7 with div extension

[ 6/10] Rework Tag_CPU_arch build attribute value selection
The actual rework to the build attribute selection. Main objectives are (i) to select flags according to what architecture/core the user selected (if something was selected) and not based on features present and (ii) error out in auto detection mode if no architecture provides all instructions used

[ 7/10] Remove ARMv6S-M special casing
Some code was special casing ARMv6S-M under the old build attribute selection logic and is not necessary anymore.

[ 8/10] Add support for ARMv8-R in assembler and readelf
[ 9/10] Add linker support for ARMv8-R
[10/10] Add support for ARM Cortex-R52 processor
Self explanatory

Best regards,


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