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Re: [PATCH] Always define referenced __start_SECNAME/__stop_SECNAME

I see these fails.  Please investigate and fix.  The powerpc-linux
fails are due to leaving the __start and __stop symbols undefined when
sizing dynamic sections, which is wrong.  That at least needs to be
fixed so that allocate_dynrelocs doesn't see an undefined hidden
visibility symbol.

bfin-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
bfin-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
cr16-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
cr16-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofc
cr16-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
cr16-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofc
cris-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
cris-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
crx-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
crx-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofc
crx-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
crx-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofc
epiphany-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
epiphany-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
h8300-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
h8300-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
hppa64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562a
hppa64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562b
hppa64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562c
hppa64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562d
hppa64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562i
hppa64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562j
hppa64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562k
hppa64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562l
hppa64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562m
hppa64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562n
ia64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562a
ia64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562b
ia64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562c
ia64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562d
ia64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562i
ia64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562j
ia64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562k
ia64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562l
ia64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562m
ia64-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562n
ip2k-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
ip2k-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
m32c-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
m32c-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562a
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562b
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562c
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562d
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562e
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562f
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562g
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562h
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562i
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562j
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562k
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562l
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562m
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562n
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofb
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
metag-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofb
mips64-linux  +FAIL: ld-gc/pr20022
mipsel-linux-gnu  +FAIL: ld-gc/pr20022
mipsisa32el-linux  +FAIL: ld-gc/pr20022
mips-linux  +FAIL: ld-gc/pr20022
mn10200-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
mn10200-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
mn10300-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
mn10300-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
nios2-linux  +FAIL: ld-gc/pr20022
powerpc-eabisim  +FAIL: pr20022
powerpc-eabivle  +FAIL: pr20022
powerpcle-elf  +FAIL: pr20022
powerpc-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562a
powerpc-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562b
powerpc-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562c
powerpc-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562d
powerpc-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562e
powerpc-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562f
powerpc-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562g
powerpc-linux  +FAIL: ld-elf/pr21562h
powerpc-linux  +FAIL: pr20022
rl78-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
rl78-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
rx-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
rx-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
sh-rtems  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
sh-rtems  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa
v850-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/sizeofa
v850-elf  +FAIL: ld-elf/startofa

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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