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Re: "incompatible target" when trying Gold linker for arm-none-eabi

> Now I am hitting this issue:
> I gather that Gold is normally used to build applications for Linux, and not
> so much with embedded targets that have their own linker script files. Or
> are there known linker script file constructs that cause such problems?

Can you send me a set of input objects, your script, and the command
line, so I can investigate? You can either attach them to the PR or
send them directly to me if you'd prefer not to share them publicly.

The NOLOAD section type is probably implemented incorrectly, but it's
not clear what it should really mean. It seems that it's being used in
that PR to make the BSS sections uninitialized in the file rather than
not loadable. (In the ld manual, NOLOAD is described as a type of
section that doesn't need to be loaded when the program starts, as in
the case with data that will live in ROM.) You might try removing the
"NOLOAD" keyword, if you're using it the same way, as gold now should
automatically handle BSS sections properly.


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