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Building binutils with newly created target

I'm challenged right now in trying to add a new target architecture to
binutils. I started by following the guide presented in the
'binutils-porting-guide.txt'. As a first step, I used the cr16
architecture as a template (because it was part of the instructions)
and just copied the relevant files to my "zork" architecture and then
went into the files and replaced all of the cr16 names with zork
names. When I went to build it I kept getting an error "No rule to
make target 'tc-zork.o'...". After digging around a bit I realized
that the was not being regenerated in the binutils/gas
directory. I have updated the with the target information
but couldn't get things to regenerate.

So I did the following:

1) ran automake but got an error that I needed version 2.64.
2) so installed version 2.64
3) ran automake but now got error "no proper invocation of
4) googled around and found someone suggesting 'autoreconf -vfi' which I ran
5) no messages but the are still not updated.

So what does one need to do to get these files to update with
information from the I'm not an automake expert at all.
I'm simply wanting to try to add a new target architecture to the
binutils for personal testing. I could just edit the
directly but that seems like the wrong way to do things.

Any help would be appreciated.


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