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Re: Binutils 2.28 on PowerPC: dangerous relocation: generic linker can't handle R_PPC_SECTOFF_HA

----- Am 1. Jun 2017 um 12:58 schrieb Sebastian Huber

> Hello Alan,
> ----- Am 1. Jun 2017 um 12:42 schrieb Alan Modra
>> On Thu, Jun 01, 2017 at 12:07:54PM +0200, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I get the following errors using Binutils 2.28 on PowerPC for a bootloader
>>> program that is supposed to load an application image:
>>> powerpc-rtems4.12-ld -o capture.ralf bootloader.o --just-symbols=capture.exe -b
>>> binary rtems.gz -T
>>> bootloader.o: In function `start':
>>> head.S:140:(.text+0x8a): dangerous relocation: generic linker can't handle
>> Did you build the linker for the correct target?  "generic linker"
>> errors usually mean you're attempting to produce different output to
>> the input objects.
> I use the same configure command line to build 2.28 and the master.  For the Git
> bisect, I re-used the build tree in each step.
> I get always:
> powerpc-rtems4.12-ld --print-output-format
> elf32-powerpc

Sorry, I made a mistake with the Git bisect. It doesn't work on the master. So, there must be indeed some configuration error on my side. How can I end up with a generic linker? I use this configure command line:

../binutils-git/configure --prefix=/opt/rtems-4.12 --target=powerpc-rtems4.12 '' --enable-deterministic-archives --disable-nls --disable-werror --disable-gdb --disable-libdecnumber --disable-readline --disable-sim

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