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[committed 5/5] MIPS16/GAS: Improve [32768,65535] out-of-range operand error diagnostics

Improve out-of-range operand error diagnostics for invalid values in the 
[32768,65535] range used for a signed 16-bit immediate, making the 
message consistent with that used for other invalid values, e.g.:

foo.s:1: Error: operand 2 must be an immediate expression `addiu $2,$gp,32768'
foo.s:2: Error: invalid operands `lw $2,32768($gp)'


foo.s:3: Error: operand 3 out of range `addiu $2,$gp,-32769'
foo.s:4: Error: operand 2 out of range `lw $2,-32769($gp)'

This case does not currently trigger however, for two reasons.

First, for regular MIPS and microMIPS assembly in the case of no match 
caused by `match_int_operand' here, the function is always called again 
from `mips_ip' via `match_insns', `match_insn' and then `match_operand' 
for the same opcode table's entry with `lax_match' set to TRUE, in which 
case the attempt to match succeeds and no error is issued.

Second, in the case of MIPS16 assembly no call to `match_int_operand' is 
made at all for signed 16-bit immediates, because such immediates are 
currently only matched with extensible instructions, and these are 
handled in `match_mips16_insn' via `match_expression' directly rather 
than via `match_operand'.

This will change for MIPS16 code with MIPS16e2 support introduced, where 
non-extensible instructions accepting signed 16-bit immediates will be 
added, so make the case work well right from the start:

foo.s:1: Error: operand 3 out of range `addiu $2,$gp,32768'
foo.s:2: Error: operand 2 out of range `lw $2,32768($gp)'

	* config/tc-mips.c (match_int_operand): Call 
	`match_out_of_range' before returning failure for 0x8000-0xffff
	values conditionally allowed.
Index: binutils/gas/config/tc-mips.c
--- binutils.orig/gas/config/tc-mips.c	2017-05-09 00:23:40.200600956 +0100
+++ binutils/gas/config/tc-mips.c	2017-05-09 00:24:00.464924585 +0100
@@ -5091,7 +5091,10 @@ match_int_operand (struct mips_arg_info 
 	  max_val = ((1 << operand_base->size) - 1) << operand->shift;
 	  if (!arg->lax_match && sval <= max_val)
-	    return FALSE;
+	    {
+	      match_out_of_range (arg);
+	      return FALSE;
+	    }

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