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Re: [PATCH, GAS/ARM] Fix selected_cpu with default CPU and -mcpu

On 30/03/17 17:28, Nick Clifton wrote:
Hi Thomas,

I started to look into that but it seems that the only way to skip a
test is based on the target triplet which would be identical in both
case. Would a "require" mechanism makes sense where one could express
that a test need a feature FOO and the testsuite would call hasFOO
to check whether the feature is available?

Do you mean in the sense of individual tests having requirements like
some of the gcc testsuite cases (eg: /* { dg-require-effective-target default-cpu } */)
or in the sense of the test driver (eg gas/arm/arm.exp) only running
certain tests if another proc returned true ?

I meant the former but the latter works too. It just needs a discipline in the naming of the tests to distinguish which one really need autodetection which I think we already followed in the tests.

The latter is already supported, (see for gas/testsuite/gas/cfi.exp), it
would just mean that you would have to teach arm.exp about which tests
should or should not be run when a default cpu is not specified.

Wonderful, I shall be able to use that indeed.

For the former though I am not sure how much work would be involved.
You could probably add a new directive to the run_dump_test proc which
evaluates an expressions and only continues if the expression returns
true.  My dejagnu-fu is not that great, but I think that that should

From what I could see it doesn't look like an awful lot of work either but if there's already a mechanism in place there is no need to add something else I guess.

Best regards,


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