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Re: [PATCH, GAS/ARM] Fix selected_cpu with default CPU and -mcpu

Hi Thomas,

> I started to look into that but it seems that the only way to skip a 
> test is based on the target triplet which would be identical in both 
> case. Would a "require" mechanism makes sense where one could express 
> that a test need a feature FOO and the testsuite would call hasFOO 
> to check whether the feature is available?

Do you mean in the sense of individual tests having requirements like
some of the gcc testsuite cases (eg: /* { dg-require-effective-target default-cpu } */)
or in the sense of the test driver (eg gas/arm/arm.exp) only running
certain tests if another proc returned true ?

The latter is already supported, (see for gas/testsuite/gas/cfi.exp), it
would just mean that you would have to teach arm.exp about which tests
should or should not be run when a default cpu is not specified.

For the former though I am not sure how much work would be involved.
You could probably add a new directive to the run_dump_test proc which
evaluates an expressions and only continues if the expression returns
true.  My dejagnu-fu is not that great, but I think that that should


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