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Re: [PATCH, GAS/ARM] Fix selected_cpu with default CPU and -mcpu

Hi Nick,

I started to look into that but it seems that the only way to skip a test is based on the target triplet which would be identical in both case. Would a "require" mechanism makes sense where one could express that a test need a feature FOO and the testsuite would call hasFOO to check whether the feature is available?

By the way, from what I could see many of the FAIL could be made to PASS even with a default CPU but that's another story.

Best regards,


On 27/03/17 09:50, Nick Clifton wrote:
Hi Richard,

Old tests that failed, that have disappeared: (Eeek!)

Wow!  Maybe somebody at ARM (hint hint) would like to go through
these tests and add a missing -mcpu or -march option ?

No, they're supposed to test autodetection.  Autodetection doesn't work
when there's a default CPU.  You can't really fix the tests for that.

Would it be possible to create a proc that checks to see if autodetection
is working (or not needed because DEFAULT_CPU has been specified), and
skip the failing tests if it is not ?


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