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RE: [PATCH 1/2] In the ARC assembler we have some special flag handling for the ".t" and ".nt" flags which only really applies to ARCv2, though currently the check is performed for all architectures.


The patch looks good, however, there are a number of small issues which you may like to fix before committing. Please find them inserted

> +	 Flag operands don't have an architecture field, so we can't
> +	 directly validate that FLAG_OPERAND is valid for the current
> +	 architecture, what we do instead is just validate that we're
> +	 assembling for an ARCv2 architecture.   */

It seems to me, you have an extra space after dot. Please correct it.

> +      if ((selected_cpu.flags & (ARC_OPCODE_ARCv2EM |0

It will be nice if you can use ARC_OPCODE_ARCV2 macro here.

> +	  && (!strcmp (flg_operand->name, "t")
> +	      || !strcmp (flg_operand->name, "nt")))
>  	{
>  	  unsigned bitYoperand = 0;
>  	  /* FIXME! move selection bbit/brcc in arc-opc.c.  */
> --
> 1.7.1

Thank you,

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