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Re: version control policy

On 13 Mar 2017 08:40, Petr Ovtchenkov wrote:
> Hmm, you have sheer talent to give trivial answers and just cut off some
> (inconvenient?) questions.

don't be rude.  so far you haven't contributed anything useful,
yet you're asking other people for help.

i deleted that portion because i had nothing to add.  leaving
it in the quoted context would simply be confusing.

> The second question was (release numbers are mentioned below as example only):

that wasn't in the e-mail i responded to, nor did you ask that question.

>   I want to build binutils 2.28 _and_ gdb 7.12.1 from primary git repo.

you cannot.  as i already said, they are on different schedules.
if you want to build binutils-2.28, get the 2.28 checkout and build
it.  then get a different gdb 7.12.1 checkout and build that.

>   What branch(s), tag(s), ... I should use?

you're asking general git questions here.  if you want to build a specific
release, then you use a tag.  if you want to build something newer than
the release, but part of that release series, then use the branch.

a trivial grep locates all of these things:
	git tag -l | grep gdb.*7.12.1
	git tag -l | grep binutils.*2.28
	git branch -a | grep gdb.*7.12
	git branch -a | grep binutils.*2.28

>   and binutils release are different, what I should say to build 
>      - binutils without gdb
>        (i.e. --disable-gdb --disable-libdecnumber --disable-readline --disable-sim)
>      - gdb without binutils
>        (?)
> The solution of this problem isn't clear for me, becouse I'm unsure that one installation
> will not partially overwrite another.

yes, if you build from git, you need to take care to disable the parts
from the other project.  or use a release tarball instead of messing
with git tags because it'll be stripped down already.

for binutils: --disable-{gdb,libdecnumber,sim}
for gdb: --disable-{binutils,etc,gas,gold,gprof,ld}

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