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Re: binutils 2.28 x86_64-linux 'make check' failures when built with gcc-5.4.0 + glibc-2.25

>I got no failures with glibc 2.24 and gcc 5.3.1.  I guess your compiler default
>may not be compatible with linker tests.

Thanks for your response, HJ -

I have determined the root cause of some of the issues :

1. my compiler (gcc-5.4.0) does not support the -fplt option
   (I think it should, since -flto is supported - investigating why
this happened ...)

Running /usr/os_src/binutils-2.28/ld/testsuite/ld-x86-64/mpx.exp ...
FAIL: Build mpx4
FAIL: ld-x86-64/bnd-ifunc-2
FAIL: ld-x86-64/bnd-plt-1

   Yes, -fplt is not supported :
     $ gcc -c $any_c_file -Wa,-madd-bnd-prefix -fPIC -fplt
     gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-fplt'

But my build of gcc-6.3.0 DOES support -fplt .

- I guess the binutils test suite must be built with gcc-5.3.1- or gcc-6.3+ ?

Running the binutils testsuite, for the objects produced by gcc-5.4.0,
with the 'gcc' name bound to 'gcc_6_3' (I built gcc 6.3.0 with
the --program-suffix=_6_3 option)  produces test failures :

$ grep '^FAIL' make.check.6_3.log
FAIL: PR ld/12365
FAIL: S-records
FAIL: S-records with constructors
FAIL: Undefined weak symbol

I guess maybe I should have built the whole thing with gcc-6.3.0 -
but then I worry about using gcc-5.4.0 , which is still my main compiler -
evidently gcc-6.3.0 has no problems with binutils-2.28 compiled by gcc-5.4.0,
so I can continue using it . Strange that 5.4.0 dropped support for -fplt ,
while 6.3.0 now has it again.

Still I don't think either shout be getting a failure for 'Undefined
weak symbol' -
this causes the test suite to fail for 2.27 & 2.28 with all compilers.

Sorry for the confusion, Regards,

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