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Re: Partial WebAssembly backend

>>>>> Pip Cet writes:

> I'd like to announce a WebAssembly backend for the GNU toolchain
> (binutils, gcc, glibc) that I've been working on for a while.

Wow, this is fabulous!

> I'd appreciate any questions, comments or advice, and in particular
> I'd like to ask whether it is possible in theory to include this
> backend in the standard GNU binutils distribution; some work would be
> required on my end to do that, and I'm not sure it's worth the effort
> if there is no chance of inclusion at the end of the process.

Do you forsee any problems that would prevent it from being accepted
and included?

You have a copyright assignment on file for GCC and Emacs, but not for
Binutils and GLIBC.  You will need to assign the copyright for those
components to the FSF as well.

Because the definition of target environment has been expanding, the
GNU Toolchain has been more accommodating in the ports that it
accepts.  I don't see any fundamental reason to reject the port out of

You will need to follow the normal process to submit the port to the
various components.  Will you and others offer to maintain it?

Thanks, David

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