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Re: [PATCH] Document .Nbyte assembler directives

On Mon, Mar 06, 2017 at 12:18:40PM +1030, Alan Modra wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 06, 2017 at 11:10:56AM +1100, Tobin C. Harding wrote:
> > GAS contains directives .2byte .4byte and .8byte. These directives are
> > used in the test suite but are undocumented.
> However, not all versions of gas support these directives.  You should
> state that these directives are for ELF targets, the added
> documentation should be inside @ifset ELF @end ifset, and the menu
> under node Pseudo Ops needs updating.

Version 2 implements above suggestions (and successfully builds).

> > Add documentation to GAS section 'Assembler Directives' for each of
> > directive.
> > 
> > ---
> > 
> > I was not able to build work out how to build the docs locally. This
> > is my first patch to binutils. Please advise if format of patch or
> > patch content is not how the project likes it. Am happy to re-work to
> > fit in with your standards.
> It is always dangerous to post a patch you haven't tested, as
> demonstrated by the unbalanced @ifclear in your patch..
> You will need to install makeinfo and perl to build the docs, then
> "make info".  (There are other targets if you want to make pdf, dvi
> etc. docs.  See gas/doc/Makefile.)

Thanks for your response, bad form of me to have done this. With your
direction I was able to build the docs. I was not able to get the test
suite running though. Since I am not across the source I am unsure if
the documents I have written for .8byte are correct. I am a bit out of
my league documenting things I don't understand but if you have the
time (and patience) to please point me in the right direction I will
try to verify it before submitting version 2. So far I am under the
impression .8byte and .quad are alias'. Surely .8byte cannot accept 16
bytes however, like .quad can if bignum-16 is set.


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