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Re: Nios2 dynobj handling fixes

On 02/27/2017 07:49 PM, Alan Modra wrote:
A number of places in elf32-nios.c created dynamic sections but didn't
set the hash table dynobj.  That meant we could have duplicate dynamic
sections connected to a number of bfds, so size_dynamic_sections
didn't properly discard or allocate contents.  All sorts of havoc

Also, the entire set of dynamic sections was created in check_relocs
on seeing GOT relocs when only .got related sections are needed,
probably done to hide segfaults later in finish_dynamic_sections.

The patch fixes these issues and makes the assembler emit errors when
nios2 lacks the necessary pc-relative relocs for subtraction
expressions, rather than silently generating bad code.  eg.
ld-elf/merge.  I've also tidied uses of elf32_nios2_hash_table and

Thanks for helping out with this. This code has been hacked on by a lot of people over the years and I'm starting to think the reason why it's been so hard to understand is that it was broken. ;-) I really want to apologize for not catching the breakage earlier, too -- I've been more focused on GCC the past couple of months, and hadn't refreshed the binutils checkout in my mainline nios2-linux-gnu build tree since mid-December.

Anyway, I've verified that I get working executables again with this patch, and I've kicked off some more thorough testing to run overnight.


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