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Re: nm: missing .rodata.*.str1.1 symbols

Hi Clément,

> I compile a project but i don't see any .rodata.*.str1.1 symbols in nm.

I think that there is a misunderstanding here.  The .rodata.str1.1 names
that you are seeing in the linker map file are not symbol names, they are
section names.

> But have 4 symbols and match with size :

Breaking the output down, this part of the map file tells you that:

> .rodata         0x00000000000007a0       0x27

The .rodata section in the app.elf file starts at address 0x0..07a0 
and extends for 0x27 bytes.

>  *(.rodata .rodata.* .gnu.linkonce.r.*)

This section was created by an entry in the linker script being used 
which contains the text indicated here.

>  .rodata.cst4   0x00000000000007a0        0x4
> /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/6/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/Scrt1.o

The first entry in to the .rodata section comes from the .rodata.cst4 
section in the /usr/.../Scrt1.o input file.  It occupies 4 bytes, 
starting at 0x0...07a0.  Note - there is no *symbol* called .rodata.cst4.

>                 0x00000000000007a0                _IO_stdin_used

A symbol definition has also been brought in from the /usr/.../Scrt1.o
input file.  The symbol is called _IO_stdin_used and it has the value

>  .rodata.str1.1
>                 0x00000000000007a4        0xb /tmp/ccbpZVpr.o

The next entry in the .rodata section of the app.elf file comes from the
.rodata.str1.1 section in the /tmp/ccbpZVpr.o input file.  This entry is 
0xb bytes long and starts at address 0x0...074.  Note - *no* symbols are 
brought in from this input section.

>  *fill*         0x00000000000007af        0x1

The linker then pads the .rodata section to ensure 4-byte alignment.

>  .rodata        0x00000000000007b0       0x17 /tmp/ccbpZVpr.o
>                 0x00000000000007b0                str

The next entry in the .rodata section is 0x17 bytes from /tmp/ccbpZVpr.o's
.rodata section.  This time a symbol is defined, named "str".  That is TWO
symbols so far...

>  .rodata.str1.1
>                 0x00000000000007c7        0x8 /tmp/cc9j6Kh2.o

Finally 8 more bytes from /tmp/cc9j6Kh2.o's .rodata.str1.1 section are, in
theory, added to the .rodata section.  In practice these bytes are not added
because they are identical to the ones brought in from the /tmp/ccbpZVpr.o
input file.  But this fact is not obvious in the map file.

So - a total of TWO symbols are attached to the .rodata section in the app.elf
file, exactly as displayed by nm.

I hope that this explanation helps.


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