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Re: GOLD linker and arm-none-symbianelf

On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 9:16 AM, Marian Kechlibar
<> wrote:
> although Symbian OS is practically dead in the commercial world, I still
> have to support several hundred Symbian OS - based clients.
> Recently, I successfully built binutils 2.27 for target
> arm-none-symbianelf. It works. But I cannot build "gold" for this
> target, only "ld". It seems that the target platform is not supported.
> I can build gold for linux from the same sources just fine.
> Is really gold unusable on arm-none-symbianelf?
> If I still wanted to build gold for arm-none-symbianelf, what edits do I
> have to do in config/makefiles in order to get the system to build the
> binary?

What is different between arm-none-elf and arm-none-symbianelf, and
how do does differences affect the linker?

If there is no effect on the linker then you probably just need to
edit the handling of ENABLE_GOLD in the top-level to
recognize "symbianelf" as identical to "elf".

Looking at ld/emulparams/, though, and comparing it to
ld/emulparams/, it looks like some special symbols may need
to be defined.  That will require more work.


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