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Re: Porting binutils to Amiga Unix

On Feb 15 2017, Mack Wallace <> wrote:

> My understanding has been that Amiga Unix uses the elf format for
> binaries. Looking at some binaries on the system, they begin with the
> magic number 7F. Wondering if the information I require could be gleaned
> by readelf, I downloaded the earliest copy of binutils that has that. I
> was able to compile readelf and its dependencies. Looking at some
> binaries, the “Entry Point Address” is something greater than 0x80000000
> (I’ve seen addresses of 0x800000f94, 0x80000117c, 0x8000027d0). This is a
> guess, but using in emulparameters as a starting point:
> TEXT_START_ADDR=0x80000000? For both paged and non-paged?

I think you should be able to use unchanged.  It is also used
on m68k-linux, whose ELF support was based on SVr4 (with a few
peculiarities due to it's heritage which was based on the SunOS a.out


Andreas Schwab,
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