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Re: [PATCH][ld/testsuite] Fix sysroot-prefix.exp on Windows.

Hi Nick,

Thank you for the explanation.

I already have the papers from the FSF. And I have several patches applied,
most of them in "gold". Well, it's not a big deal for me to wait for fulfilling
of the third condition. In any case, I don't send patches very often.

And thank you for applying the patch.

Best regards,
Igor Kudrin
From: Nick Clifton <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 3:26 PM
To: Igor Kudrin
Subject: Re: [PATCH][ld/testsuite] Fix sysroot-prefix.exp on Windows.

Hi Igor,

> I don't have write access to the repository. Could you help me with gaining the access?

I can, but it is a process, not an instantaneous thing.

Firstly - do you have an FSF binutils copyright assignment in place ?  If not, then you
will need to get one. (See attached form).

Secondly - you need to submit some more patches, so that we can review them, and then
apply them for you.  This gives us a chance to see that you understand how the binutils
patch creation and review process works, and it gives you a chance to learn how this
process work.

Finally - when one of us gets fed up with applying patches on your behalf, you will be
invited to join the hallowed ranks of people with Write-After-Approval privileges and
be given write access to the repository.  Or you could just ask us and "say - how about
now ?"  Either works. :-)


PS.  In the meantime I have applied your patch on your behalf.  I have waived the copyright
assignment requirement, for this particular patch, on the grounds that it is not Legally

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