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Re: [PATCH] Patch 2 of 2 for aarch64 ILP32 support in gdb

On 17-02-02 14:03:41, Steve Ellcey wrote:
> OK, the pthread permission problem was the main cause of my LP64
> failures.  I fixed that, ran the standard gdb testsuite on unpatched
> code in parallel mode and got 99 failures.  If I run in sequential mode
> I got 74 failures.  Updating the kernel got me to 72 failures.  Many of
> these are timeouts so I may need to increase that.  If I ignore the
> timeouts I have 39 failures, which is pretty close to the 36 from the
> buildbot testing though the list of what is and is not failing is
> different.

The result looks reasonable now.

> I then ran the testing with 64 bit programs using the patched sources
> and got about the same results as the unpatched sources on my
> machine.  There was one failure that went away (a timeout):
> FAIL: gdb.threads/step-over-trips-on-watchpoint.exp: displaced=off: no thread-specific bp: continue: continue (timeout)
> And two that appeared:
> FAIL: gdb.base/watchpoint.exp: next over buffer set
> FAIL: gdb.base/watchpoint.exp: next over ptr init
> When I tested gdb on ILP32 executables I got 235 failures, only 3 of
> which were timeouts.  So there are definitely some issues there.  One
> thing I noticed is references to ldd.  The ldd I have in my path does
> not understand ILP32 executables so that is probably causing some
> failures.  I will fix that and see what else I can find to explain the
> ILP32 failures.

OK, great!

Yao (齐尧)

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