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Re: Binutils release 2.28 - soon

On Fri, 23 Dec 2016, Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:

>  FYI, I'll be automatically pushing all changes I've intended to make as 
> a part of the current MIPS development effort to this branch then, until 
> a further notice.
>  I'll be away from tomorrow until Jan 8th, and I will have further stuff 
> to push when I am back, as I won't be able to complete the documentation 
> and test suite updates tonight for the upcoming MIPS feature I intend to 
> publish.

 I have decided to withdraw from pushing the feature originally intended 
for 2.28 and keep it to the master branch only.

 Firstly, the delay incurred by all the work related to recent bug fixes, 
and PR ld/20828 in particular, means that any further work on the 2.28 
branch would potentially continue blocking the release without a good 
justification.  Secondly, the extra time bought will let me update the 
feature with some enhancements recently envisaged, making it more complete 
right from the beginning.  It does not mean I expect any significant delay 
with that code though -- it's just that it'll happen on the master branch 

 I think there may yet be some further fallout from PR ld/20828 affecting 
2.28, but otherwise, with the final tweaks to the test suite just applied, 
I consider myself done with MIPS target changes intended for 2.28.

 There are still:

FAIL: objcopy -shared -z relro (tbss1)
FAIL: objcopy -shared -z relro (tbss2)
FAIL: objcopy -shared -z relro (tbss3)

uninvestigated MIPS regressions remaining, which I regret, however they 
are long-standing and not necessarily an actual linker issue.  I will 
strive to resolve them on master soon.

 However if anyone has anything they consider important to resolve for 
2.28 and the MIPS target, then please do let me know and I'll see what I 
can do.

 And last but not least thanks for your patience, Tristan, and your effort 
with release management!


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