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Re: zlib update for gdb/binutils

Hi Matthias,

>  - as noted in another mail, you synced GCC's, introducing
>    a build failure with srcdir == builddir builds.  With GCC these
>    are discouraged, not sure about the status in gdb/binutils.

In theory it is allowed.  But in practice it is discouraged.

>  - Please could you apply the GCC r244762 changes to the binutils/gdb
>    tree as well?

In fact we were missing quite a few changes to, and Makefile.def
and Makefile.tpl.  So I have checked in a patch to update all of these.


2017-01-23  Nick Clifton  <>

	* Update year in copyright notice.
	Sync from FSF GCC mainline, bringing in the following patches.
	* Makefile.def: Likewise.
	* Makefile.tpl: Likewise.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* Regenerate.

	2016-12-21  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* Don't bootstrap libmpx unless --with-build-config
	includes bootstrap-mpx.

	2016-12-01  Matthias Klose  <>

	* Don't use pkg-config to check for bdw-gc.

	2016-11-30  Matthias Klose  <>

	* Makefile.def: Remove reference to boehm-gc target module.
  	* Include pkg.m4, check for --with-target-bdw-gc
	options and for the bdw-gc pkg-config module.

	2016-11-15  Matthias Klose  <>

	* Remove references to GCJ.
	* Likewise.

	2016-09-30  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* Add target-libffi to target_libraries.
	Readd libgcj target disablings, modified to only target-libffi.
	Readd target addition of go to unsupported languages.

	2016-09-30  Andrew Haley  <>

	* Makefile.def: Remove libjava.
	* Makefile.tpl: Likewise.
	* Likewise.

	2016-09-26  Anton Kolesov  <>

	* Disable "sim" directory for arc*-*-*.

	2016-09-12  Maciej W. Rozycki  <>

	* Check for the minimum in-tree MPFR version

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