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ChangeLog rotation (or... eliminating ChangeLogs)

What's the rationale for rotating ChangeLogs every year? To me, it's
much simpler to have a single monolithic file -- especially
considering that wildcard substitution puts the files in ascending
order, while searching within a file returns results in descending

Gold still has less than 20K lines total. I'm considering
consolidating them back into a single ChangeLog (the first rotation
for gold happened for 2016), but I don't really know what the issues
are, and I'm willing to live with the separate files if there's a good

Even gdb has only 266K lines total in all of its ChangeLogs. Is that
so unmanageable? Maybe we could tweak the rotation script so that it
only rotates ChangeLogs that have grown past some threshold (say, 100K

When Alan did the rotation last year, he suggested simply getting rid
of them. His suggestion was met with thunderous support of one
response (Joel). Add my vote to that! I'd be happy to have the commit
logs serve the purpose.


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