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Re: [GOLD] PowerPC64 TOC indirect to TOC relative code editing

>> Here's what I'm thinking:
> Works for me.

OK, I've committed mine on trunk.

> Here's the revised patch on top of yours.
>         * (class Powerpc_copy_relocs): New.
>         (Powerpc_copy_relocs::emit): New function.
>         (Powerpc_relobj::relatoc_, toc_, no_toc_opt_): New variables.
>         (Powerpc_relobj::toc_shndx, set_no_toc_opt, no_toc_opt): New inlines.
>         (Powerpc_relobj::do_relocate_sections): New function.
>         (Powerpc_relobj::make_toc_relative): Likewise.
>         (Powerpc_relobj::do_find_special_sections): Stash away .rela.toc
>         and .toc too.
>         (ok_lo_toc_insn): Move earlier, and handle more insns.
>         (Target_powerpc::Scan::local): If optimizing toc accesses, set
>         no_toc_opt for entries we can't edit.  Check insn validity.
>         Emit "toc optimization is not supported" warning, downgraded
>         from error.
>         (Target_powerpc::Scan::global): Likewise.
>         (Target_powerpc::Relocate::relocate): Edit TOC indirect code
>         to TOC relative.  Don't emit "toc optimization is not supported"
>         error here.

This is OK.

If you're planning to backport this to 2.28, go ahead and cherry-pick
my patch as well.


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