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[PATCH 5/5] RISC-V/GAS: Support more relocs against constant addresses

From: Andrew Waterman <>

Previously, some pseudoinstructions like "call" only accepted
symbolic addresses and rejected constant addresses with an
esoteric internal error.  This patch enables them by deferring
application of constant relocations to md_apply_fix, rather than
eagerly applying them during instruction assembly.


2016-12-21  Andrew Waterman <>

	* config/tc-riscv.c (append_insn): Don't eagerly apply relocations
	against constants.
	(md_apply_fix): Mark relocations against constants as "done."
 gas/config/tc-riscv.c | 5 ++---
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/gas/config/tc-riscv.c b/gas/config/tc-riscv.c
index 03c84e8..139fae7 100644
--- a/gas/config/tc-riscv.c
+++ b/gas/config/tc-riscv.c
@@ -688,9 +688,6 @@ append_insn (struct riscv_cl_insn *ip, expressionS *address_expr,
-      else if (address_expr->X_op == O_constant)
-	ip->insn_opcode |= riscv_apply_const_reloc (reloc_type,
-						    address_expr->X_add_number);
 	  howto = bfd_reloc_type_lookup (stdoutput, reloc_type);
@@ -1861,6 +1858,8 @@ md_apply_fix (fixS *fixP, valueT *valP, segT seg ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
     case BFD_RELOC_RISCV_LO12_S:
       bfd_putl32 (riscv_apply_const_reloc (fixP->fx_r_type, *valP)
 		  | bfd_getl32 (buf), buf);
+      if (fixP->fx_addsy == NULL)
+	fixP->fx_done = TRUE;
       relaxable = TRUE;

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