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Re: dynrelro section for read-only dynamic symbols copied into executable

> Variables defined in shared libraries are copied into an executable's
> .bss section when code in the executable is non-PIC and thus would
> require dynamic text relocations to access the variable directly in
> the shared library.  Recent x86 toolchains also copy variables into
> the executable to gain a small speed improvement.
> The problem is that if the variable was originally read-only, the copy
> in .bss is writable, potentially opening a security hole.  This patch
> cures that problem by putting the copy in a section that becomes
> read-only after relocation, provided -z relro is in force.

It doesn't look like you caught the case where the original variable
is in the section (which is marked SHF_WRITE initially,
but placed in the PT_GNU_RELRO segment). These variables should also
be copied to in the main executable.

I've just committed a gold patch for this. To identify relro
variables, I checked the section name (ugly) -- I considered checking
the virtual address against the bounds of PT_GNU_RELRO, but that
wasn't really efficient.

I wish we had an SHF_RELRO flag.


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